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Weekly Cartomancy is my take on the neoclassic Bob Cassidy-Chronologue.

52 Weeks in a Year
52 Playing Cards in a deck of cards.
From a velvet bag you take a notebook which features all 52 weeks, each of them with one playing card.

Your participant names ANY date.
That day is found and the card is read outloud.

From the bag is taken one regular playing card, which is precisely the participant´s one!

Only one diary
NO deck of cards (as Bob´s original routine)
Perfect for all venues (close up, walkaround, parlor or stage)
ANY day of the year
You can give away the playing card if you want
ALWAYS correct

Thank you very much for Weekly Cartomancy. It’s a beautiful effect.  With the right reading, you could change lives with it. 
Congratulations on coming up with it.
Richard Webster 

My friend Pablo has released a wonderful approach to a classic! It is really simple to do and it is a worker! 
If you love effects "Chronologue style” this is for you! 
Luca Volpe

I've just read this and, MAN, Pablo know what it takes to entertain! No need for complicated methods, electronics or plots: just an understanding of what people really care about.   This is classic AmirĂ¡: simple, bold, beautiful and super fooling!!! The way he teaches it does require a certain prop, but he also talks about ways to do without it and frankly, if you've been around for some time, you'll come up with a few ideas of your own, I'm sure.   I agree with Jacob that this would be at it's most effective when used as an icing on top of a good reading.   Now on to find the required materials and road test this! 
Adrien Lochon

I think one of the unique beauties of this beast is that you can use a real datebook that you really use in your daily life to organize yourself, which can produce social proof to those you're performing for. Imagine the subtle show of a date book packed with dates from big name clients or events that are genuinely from your itinerary at the time! If you wanted to...dare I say it...You could even program your iPhone Calendar app to do this effect and none would be the wiser, but I think a professional date book like Pablo has available SCREAMS professionalism.   The effect deflects any idea of cards and can be adapted to other things if you desired (such as music you listen to, events from your life that synchronistically meet, ext) but there is no real need because the cards FIT perfectly and you're not going to be associated with sleight of hand with an individual card.   Needless to say here, Pablo has taken one of my LEAST favorite plots in mentalism then simplified it, turned it more personal and created less work for us to do in the process!   Check this out, and while you're at it, invest in a really classy moleskin or leather bound luxury date book like the one's Pablo will have back in stock soon so that the people you perform for can clearly see you're a pro by your booked schedule! 
Jacob Smith

"This is a nice version of Bob Cassidy's classic Chronologue routine. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for diary effects and have a few of them. Pablo's version is easy to perform because it only uses one "diary," actually a small notebook, and the set-up basically does the job for you. If you are familiar with diary effects, the method will come as no surprise. (You'll need a little bit of audience management.) If you buy this ebook, it won't take you long to prepare the notebook and the card reveal. (You don't even need a deck of cards.) But you will need one more thing for the reveal. Now Pablo sells a pre-made version of this routine on his website which gives you everything that you need including that "one more thing," but you don't need it. Go to the dollar store, and get a cheap little notebook and a Gel pen that doesn't bleed through the page. You'll figure out what works best for you for the reveal.   Overall, this is nicely simplified version of one of mentalism's greatest routines. And I think that by using a regular notebook, it avoids the obsolescence issue that I have with diary effects: Nobody carries a paper diary anymore. I like this a lot and think that I am going to use it a lot. Recommended."   
Christian Fisanick 

Just got the ebook and very impressed. Great effect and looking forward to making up the diary to try this out.
 Great info in the pdf and some awesome extra tips etc.

• • •